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Ivdia Velázquez has made a big impact in Puerto Rico’s natural beauty sphere. Her career started in 2011 with the launch of her brand Linda Mami, which today is the top selling Puerto Rican pregnancy skincare brand. With her brand she won the 1st edition of Travesía al éxito empresarial, an important business accelerator competition with over 100 participants. Her drive, motivation, collaborative spirit, and achievements created the steppingstones for other Puerto Rican indie beauty brands. With over a decade of experience working with natural cosmetics formulations and professional studies in the fields of aromatherapy and natural perfumery, Ivdia has become a key player behind the development of numerous Puerto Rican brands and an ally to many new entrepreneurs. Her skills as a natural cosmetics formulator are also coveted by big brands.

Our Process


First Meeting

A first meeting will take place to brainstorm client ideas and brand vision. 



We will provide up to 3 different formulation options. Client will provide observations and desired changes to main formulation. 


Final Product

Final formulation will be sent to client with a complete Product Information & Recipe Booklet. 


Product Formulation

We create formulations based on clients ideas and brand vision. With each formulation we provide a complete Product Information Booklet, which include all ingredients, properties, cost of manufacturing, recipe percentages, as well as estimated profit margin and suggested retail prices. 


With more than 10 years working as aromatherapist and beauty brand developer, with this consultancy you'll have the opportunity to ask all kinds of questions about product formulation, suppliers, manufacturing and business in general.

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