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Ivdia Velazquez

Ivdia Velázquez Cordero 

Visionary and pioneer, leading the way and aiding in the development of the Puerto Rican beauty industry for more than 10 years


Hi!! 🤚🏼My name is Ivdia Velázquez and I am the founder of Local Skin Love. I started my entrepreneurship career in 2011 with my pregnancy skincare brand Linda Mami. Before that, I lived 8 years in Miami City where I recorded 2 solo albums and also worked as the right hand of the owner of an important art gallery at Wynwood Art District. With her I had the opportunity of coordinating over 30 art exhibitions and 2 art fairs for Art Basel Season. 

I moved back to Puerto Rico to promote my second album and in 2011 decided to commercialize my mother’s natural stretch marks body oil recipe created in 1978. My mother is a pharmacist, so the recipe had amazing results and helped many pregnant women for more than 30 years before I decided to formally release it to the market. In 2015 I won the competition Travesía al Éxito Empresarial and had the opportunity of operating a cart with Linda Mami inside Plaza las Americas for a year and half. It was a great learning experience, but it also was a big challenge.

I started asking myself... Is it really possible for a small local beauty brand to compete with the big houses? I believed that in order for us “small local brands” to better compete we needed to come together. I took on the challenge and in September 2016 open a new store call Azahar Modern Apothecary at Galería Suchville in Guaynabo, with our own collection of premium artisan bath & body and aromatherapy products, with an aroma bar and also with the purpose of serving as a shared economy space uniting premium local beauty and personal care brands. I wanted to be able to give more visibility and power to small brands and also give the costumer a highly convenient experience. 

A lot has happened since we started our operations. We have successes and failures too. One of our great achievements is having a beauty counter inside prestigious DUFRY store at Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport where we promote and sell our local brands to a wide international market. 

We close our brick and mortar store at Galería Suchville in July 2019 to fully transition into a digital platform and with this transition and a new growing strategy we decided to separate the name of our brand Azahar from the name of our beauty brands marketplace, which was re-branded to Local Skin Love.  

This is my story. I invite you to explore our e-commerce LOCALSKINLOVE.COM and support the participating brands. If you travel from Puerto Rico please remember to pass by our beauty counter at DUFRY store inside the airport! 

Much love,