Goat's Milk & Almonds

Goat's Milk & Almonds

Tai Handmade Soaps
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Maria Gonzalez from Tai Handmade Soaps is one of Puerto Rico's top soap makers. Hergoat milk and almonds soap is perfect for dry skin. It is is nutritious, moisturizing and emollient. It contains coconut milk that helps to relieve dryness and skin rashes with its moisturizing action. It is recommended for sensitive and delicate skin as it is very nourishing and hydrating, helping to restore chapped skin, softening and revitalizing it. The crushed almond acts as a gentle exfoliant by removing dead cells and also provides its natural oil, revealing radiant, smooth and silky skin.

Key ingredients: Goat Milk, Crushed Almond  and Almond Fragrance

Crafted with cold process technique using macerated marigold (certified organic) in sunflower oil (rich in Vitamin E) and certified Fair Trade organic shea butter and cocoa butter that, being unrefined, retain nutrients to moisturize and hydrate the skin.

Net.Wt 4.5 oz